Mahakan's Campus is Spread Over 23.5 Rai

Mahakan Biotech Ltd. was established in 2021 to cultivate and extract various hemp plants from Mahakan’s greenhouses, outdoor and indoor facilities, and contract farmers.
We then utilize the hemp Biomass to extract and process for commercial, industrial, and medicinal use in Thailand and worldwide export markets.

The Mahakan farm and production headquarters are in Mahasarakham Province in Northeast Thailand.

The company has licenses for hemp cultivation, importation of seeds, extraction, seed resale, and indoor growing licenses.

Mahakan’s new growing and processing facility is spread over 23.5 Rai (3.8 hectares) in Mahasarakham, where the climate is perfect for growing. Its state-of-the-art, custom-built processing plant uses imported equipment, allowing Mahakhan to process more than two metric tons of flowers daily.

Mahakan biotech


Fully Licensed Grower and Extractor

Mahakan factory

Two custom-built, two-tier indoor growing facilities will enable the company to grow medicinal-quality plants.

They will be the largest in Thailand at 1,200 sq. meters each. Growing plants indoors under lights allows for higher quality control and medicinal quality crops.

Mahakan also can grow year-round without having to worry about the local climate.

Mahakan is operated by a large team of experts in business, law, product development, growing and extracting hemp, and cannabis, led by Prof. Dr Somchai Keawwangchai, PhD.

Somchai’s doctorate is in chemistry, and he specialises in the cultivation and extraction of Hemp and cannabis plants, a subject he teaches at prestigious Mahasarakham University.

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